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Lake Erie Maple Expo 2014


3rd Annual Lake Erie Maple Expo

November 7th and 8th 2014 --

Co-sponsored by Northwest PA Maple Syrup Producers Association, Pennsylvania Maple Syrup Producers Council, Ohio Maple Producers Association, Western New York State Maple Producers and the Albion FFA

Expo Location:
Northwestern High School
200 Harthan Way
Albion, PA 16401

Schedule of Events 2014

Friday November 7th

10:00 AM-2:00 PM – In the Field Workshops

  (Held @various locations near Albion, PA)



Maple Tubing and Vacuum Systems

 Presenters:  Steve Childs and Les Ober

Location:  Triple Creek Maple  9225 Fillinger Road, Cranesville, PA

We will look at tubing systems layout, spouts and droplines, locating lateral lines, sizing mainlines and vacuum systems.  Lunch is included and the manual is available at an extra cost of $25.00 above the cost of registration.


Tubing Installation

Presenter:  Jason Grossman

Location:  Northwestern High School, Albion, PA

Hands-on layout and installation of modern tubing system.  Lunch is included



Confections 101

Presenter:  Jake Moser

Location:  Masonic Building, Albion, PA (Next to McDonalds)

"Confections101" is my class I teach beginners, and I concentrate on the aspect that you do not need all the expensive candy machines to create a quality confection. My class is very much a hands on class where I can/will take a person that has never made a confection and by the end of the class they will create a marketable confection. During my class I will cover, and create 4 different confections with descriptions of how to make each one. I will also have 1 or more students making the same confection that I am explaining to show just how easy maple confections can be. The class will culminate with a question answer period and possibly a explanation of a new confection that I am currently developing.  Lunch is included


Backyard Sugaring

Presenter:  Laura Dengler and Mark Lewis

Location:  Triple Creek Maple  9225 Fillinger Road, Cranesville, PA

Learn what is needed to make Pure Maple Syrup in your own backyard. Topics include: identifying maple trees, tapping a tree, why sap flows, gathering and storing the sap, boiling down the sap, when is it syrup?, filtering syrup, grading, tasting, canning and storage of your finished product..  Handouts and lunch included.



5:00 PM – 8:00 PM - Trade Show

  (Held @Northwestern High School Albion, PA)


6:00 PM – 7:00 PM - Chat with the Maple Experts

  (Held on trade show floor)

  Dr. Tim Perkins, Jake Mosier, Steve Childs, and Glenn Goodrich



Saturday November 8th

 (Held @Northwestern High School Albion, PA)


7:00AM – Noon – Pancake breakfast @ Albion Firehall, Smock Ave, Albion.

   (This is a fund raiser sponsored by the Albion Area Lions Club with

  proceeds going to the local Toys for Tots program that provides

  free toys at Christmas for local disadvantaged families.

  Additional Cost involved with this event)


8:00 AM – 4:00 PM - Trade Show (High School Lobby)


8:00 AM - Coffee and Donuts will be served


8:30 AM – 9:00 AM - Opening Ceremony (Auditorium)


9:15 AM – 10:15 AM - Seminar Session # 1 (see list of session choices)


10:30 AM – 11:30 AM - Seminar Session # 2 (see list of session choices)


11:30 AM – 1:00 PM – Lunch (OX Roast Sandwich Meal – included with registration)


1:00 PM – 2:00 PM - Seminar Session # 3 (see list of session choices)


2:15 PM – 3:15 PM - Seminar Session # 4 (see list of session choices)


3:30 PM – 4:30 PM - Closing Ceremony & Door Prizes (Auditorium)



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Saturday Sessions

Session 1

Boiling 101 Room SH
Presented by: Glenn Goodrich - Goodrich's Maple Farm
Boiling 101 From raw sap or concentrated

Maple Value Added Products Room 6
Presented by: Stephen Childs - Cornell University
Demonstrations of maple value added products. Granulated maple sugar, maple cotton and maple cheese cake

New Trends in the Maple Industry Room Auditorium
Presented by: Daniel Lalanne - CDL USA
CDL will discuss trends that they see in the maple industry and will take questions regarding those trends.

Filtering Maple Syrup Dos and Don’ts??? Room 8
Presented by: Marty Wendel - Wendels Maple

The 500 GPH RO Unit and General R.O. Discussions Room Ag Classroom
Presented by: Ray D.Gingrich - Deer Run Maple
Ray will talk about RO's from Hobby to 3000 GPH units But will feature his most popular the 500 GPH RO unit. Bring your RO questions and join in the discussion with this well know equipment builder. 

Session 2

Promoting Health Benefits of Maple Room SH
Presented by: Ruth Goodrich - Goodrich's Maple Farm
Promoting health benefits of maple

Spouts: To Clean or Replace….that is the Question Room Auditorium
Presented by: Dr. Tim Perkins - UVM Proctor Maple Research Center
Spout and dropline sanitation are vitally important to achieve good maple sap yield. This presentation will summarize several years of research on cleaning and replacement strategies for maintaining good production.

Making Maple Barbeque Sauce--A value added maple product Room 6
Presented by: Chris Casbohm - Casbohm Maple & Honey
We will be making Maple BBQ, a value added product that everyone can make easily in their kitchen with all grades of good flavored maple syrup. We will review the method we use to make one batch of maple mustard. Usually about 18, 8 oz bottles. The demonstration will include: • The equipment, • The method, (recipe handout included) • Safety suggestions during boiling, • Tips that we use during the process • Container suggestions • Packaging tips • Labeling • Inspection and shelf life. • Use of the product • Marketing the product • Time for questions

Mind Your Own Maple Business! Room 2
Presented by: Nate Bissell - Bissell Maple Farm
How much do I charge? Am I selling to the right customers? Where do I invest my money? We will cover business principles to help you answer the important questions. This class is designed for producers who want to increase sales, increase profit, and overall run a better business. You already make good syrup - now let's help you make profit. Whether you are a bulk producer, hobbyist, or growing producer - the knowledge you gain from this class is worth the price of admission.

Beginners Through Tree ID to Tapping and Collection Room Ag Classroom
Presented by: Les Ober -The Ohio State University Extension Geauga County
Les will take new maple producers through tree identification to tapping and collection of maple sap.

Vacuum Tubing Installation/Maintenance- Stunning Tips and Guidelines Room 8
Presented by: Steve Bedard and Eric Miller - Lapierre
CDL will discuss trends that they see in the maple industry and will take questions regarding those trends.

Session 3

Vacuum Systems - What Makes them Work Room SH
Presented by: Glenn Goodrich - Goodrich's Maple Farm
Glen will be discussing Vacuum systems - what makes them work from the basics to the details, bring your questions!

Sap Collection from Small Stems Room Auditorium
Presented by: Dr. Tim Perkins - UVM Proctor Maple Research Center
Research at the University of Vermont Proctor Maple Research Center over the past five years has demonstrated that sap can be collected from small stems (< 3” diameter) using vacuum systems with a “cap” style device. This approach could be used either in a naturally-regenerating young stand, or in a plantation system. This presentation will describe the research to date, outline where this method makes sense and where it doesn’t, and a status update of the project.

Beginners Boiling, Canning, Grades and Quality Room Ag Classroom
Presented by: Les Ober - The Ohio State University Extension Geauga County
Les will walk new maple producers through boiling to canning, and discuss syrup grades and quality of finished syrup.

Dos and don’ts in the Sugarhouse including Food Safety Reminders Room 2
Presented by: Jill Burnham - PA Dept of Ag, Food Sanitariun
Jill will be reminding us of things we need to do in the sugarhouse and building value added product, to assure food safety.

ECOVAP Electric Evaporator! And Large Volume Model Filter Presses Room 8
Presented by: Benoit Pepin - DG USA
We will speak about our new ECOVAP electric evaporator and its 98% efficiency numbers. We will also touch on our excellent line up of filter presses including the new 15” and 20” large volume models.

Making and Sifting Granulated Maple Sugar Room 6
Presented by: Lyle Merle - Merle Maple Farm
We will be checking the invert levels in maple syrup and making granulated maple sugar. We will then finish the process by sifting the sugar with a power sifter made by Sunrise Metal Shop.

Session 4

Marketing – Shipping Maple Syrup Products Room SH
Presented by: Ruth Goodrich - Goodrich's Maple Farm
Ruth will lead you through the details from marketing to shipping maple syrup.

Tapping Guidelines Room 8
Presented by: Mark Isselhardt - UVM Proctor Maple Research Center
Tapping guidelines are necessary to ensure maple producers get good yields of sap from healthy productive trees. Do we put one or two taps in a tree? How deep should we drill tapholes? Does this affect the growth of the tree? This presentation will describe the ongoing progress on a reassessment of tapping guidelines at the UVM Proctor Maple Research Center

Improve Your Syrup Making Using These Basic Steps Room Auditorium
Presented by: Brad Gillilan - Leader Evaporator Co
Leader will discuss how you can improve your operation from the wood lot to the point of sales.

Smartrek Sugar bush and Sugar House Monitoring Systems Room 2
Presented by: Chris Pfeil - The Maples Guy LLC
Smartrek sugar bush and sugar house monitoring systems 1) Monitoring vacuum and levels from your smart phone or tablet 2) advantages 3) costs 4) technology

4 Confections in 40 Minutes Room 6
Presented by: Jake Moser - Moser's Maple
4 confections in 40 minutes is quick over view on Sugar Candy Cream Lollipops or hard candy. In it I teach that fancy machines are not needed to make high quality confections. I also like to get hands on participation as much as possible.


 Trade Show Contact info:

Jim Bortles

6303 Wheeler Road

Linesville, PA  16424




 Conference Contact info:

Daryl Sheets

PO Box722

Meadville, PA 16335






Lake Erie Maple Expo 2014